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Derrick Van Vliet's Biography


Derrick Van Vliet was born in Walton, New York. He began writing his first novel, Sagas of Sin, when he was 17. The project proved to be far too great of a task for his inexperienced life, and after finishing its first draft at 21, he stopped working on the project.


After moving to Texas at 25, he started working in telecommunications as a police/fire/ems radio dispatcher and emergency 911 call taker. He still works full-time in this field and thoroughly enjoys helping those in need and being part of a community.


In November 2021, Derrick focused on his passion for writing and revised and completed book 1 of his Sagas of Sin series, subtitled: The Celestial Stone. It will go into publication on his 35th birthday, October 6th of 2022.

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