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Advanced Reader Copy (ARC)

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

If you're interested in obtaining the advanced reader copy (ARC) link for a free download of my book in exchange for an honest review on Amazon (come October 6th, 2022), please do the following:

1) Click the link below that will navigate you to my website's Contact/ARC section.

2) Fill out your Name and Email address to be added to the ARC link email list.

3) Codes will be issued around the first few weeks of September.


The ARC link is a one-time use code that will grant you a downloadable manuscript. Any unauthorized distribution of the acquired materials, without written consent from the author, for monetary gains or copyright infringement, will be subject to legal action by the owner and author of such material.

Additionally, any emails collected using the link mentioned above will not be distributed or utilized for any purpose other than sending the ARC link and similar links for future works of the author's material.

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